Can I Get Probation for a Felony?

 In certain circumstances you can get probation. It comes down to a case by case scenario. For example, if you’ve been charged with theft of property  and have no prior criminal record, you’re likely to receive an offer of probation. On the other hand, if you have several prior felony convictions, you’re probably not getting an offer of probation in exchange for a guilty plea. 

Your past criminal record has the most impact on whether you’ll receive probation, but it’s not the only factor. Whether or not anyone was injured by your actions, the severity of the crime, and if a weapon was involved all play a crucial role. For example, if the victim has to go to the hospital for a life threatening injury, you’ll have to do 85% of your sentence. That’s usually 16 or more years of 20 in prison!

All of the above factors will give your criminal defense attorney an idea of what will happen if you’re convicted of a felony. It’s crucial to hire a criminal defense lawyer who knows the system from the inside out, is respected by the prosecutors and the court, and is not afraid to challenge a bad case. Your future depends on it! Call Clark today for a free consultation!

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