I Got Stopped at a Roadblock

It’s fourth of July weekend and the police will be out full force. They’ll be looking for drunk drivers, and you can’t afford to get a DUI. So you should dodge that checkpoint right? WRONG!

So many times a checkpoint turns into a chase and arrest when a guilty party sees the checkpoint and turns around or off on a side road to avoid being stopped. If there’s more than one cop at the checkpoint you can count on one of those officers watching the traffic approaching the stop to see whose having second thoughts about stopping.

So what to do? Be cool! If you see the checkpoint in the distance, and you should be able to as they have certain rules to follow regarding places, immediately slow down to a safe speed, make sure not to weave in your lane, put your seat belts on, and don’t scramble to clean the car. Push the beer can under the seat, but don’t start leaning over to do anything with your hands. That second cop will be watching!

Don’t get your license ready until asked to do so. Most cops prefer you follow instructions, and some even get suspicious that you’re trying to rush the process when you’ve got all your paperwork waiting.

Try to remain calm as best you can. Believe it or not it’s harder to smell someone’s breath than cops let on. The “strong smell of alcohol” is hard to prove in court, so don’t dodge eye contact with the police.

If all else fails and you do get pulled from your car and arrested for DUI then we still have some options. The cops still have to establish they had a reason to arrest you in the first place. Were you driving too fast? You shouldn’t have been if you were slowing down for the checkpoint. Did you weave in your lane? Again hopefully you could keep it together for that few hundred yards the cops could see you and you could see them. These are questions we’ll make the cops answer in court. If they answer “No” to everything then they had no good reason to pull you from the car. Unless you didn’t follow my advice!

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